Shrubs and Hedges in Flint

Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc. is happy to offer services that cover the planning, installation, and maintenance of shrubs and hedges in Flint. If you’re dreaming of a living wall that will frame a landscaping feature like a garden or a hardscape, we have plants specially bred and grown to suit those needs. We also offer plants that act as privacy screens and security walls if that’s your goal for your property.

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The Right Shrubs and Hedges for Your Needs

When you’re looking to invest in a shrub or hedge, it’s important to consider your goals for your property. Our garden planners can install and care for your fast growing, evergreen and privacy plants. The benefits of contracting our team for your garden services are:

  • Increased Privacy and Security
  • Increased Curb Appeal
  • Covers Up Any Lawn Imperfections
  • Low-Maintenance Gardening

Shrub and Hedge Maintenance

Our services extend beyond the installation and design process. When you contract us for your garden plans, we provide additional help and upkeep with your garden maintenance. Our trimming and lawn care services will help boost your properties aesthetics and your landscapes vitality. We will shave or prune your plants and maintain the shape and look you desire for your landscape.

Let us manicure your landscape and send the right message about your backyard plants, shrubs, bushes, trees and hedges. Call us today at (517) 204-5427 to set up an assessment appointment and talk about your goals for your property!

A Selection of Garden Shrubs and Plants

Your landscape can act as a blank canvas for new designs and new dreams. Our garden shrubs and plants can increase the appeal and aesthetics of your property.

With our large selection of flowers and plants we can bring out your motivation and mood for your landscape. There is no limit to what you can achieve with your lawn. Tell us your ideas and we can help you select from our options of garden shrubs, hedges, bushes, evergreens, coniferous and flowering plants.

With our many years of experience, we can guarantee a striking, beautiful outdoor space. Contract us for your install and maintenance needs. We have the attention to detail that your space requires.

Moreover, we match our level of care and expertise to our customer service. Every job is unique. We don’t believe in a single-minded approach. We customize our services according to the needs of you and your lawn.

Want a lawn that represents you and your one-of-a-kind dream? Call us today! And let us make your landscaping dreams come true. Let us show you just how great we really are.

Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc. Is Bringing Shrubs and Hedges to Flint

No matter what your unique needs or desires are for your shrubs or hedges, you can rest assured that Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc. will be able to outfit your Flint property with the best of the best. Call today to set up an assessment visit, and start looking forward to the future of your property.