Residential Garden Design in Flint

Based in Flint, Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc. creates stylish, long-lasting gardens to complement and add value to your property. Our garden experts offer a full garden planning service, helping you create a home garden that is both aesthetically appealing and suited to your lifestyle needs.

We advise on all aspects of garden design, planning and planting. Whether you need your garden fully redesigned or want advice on upgrading your existing garden, we can help. Our garden creations range from contemporary designs to more traditional styles – all tailored to suit your home’s landscape and your personal style.

Bring Your Garden Design to Life!

Your garden is unique. Your design needs are very personal and your tastes are your own. Every garden is different, and each space has unique design needs. Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc. takes care of all aspects of your garden from conception, through detailed planning and completion.

The design services we offer include layout sketching, landscaping design, planting design and plant supply and installation.

Layout Sketching and Landscape Design

Each of our layout designs are personalized and developed to take stock of your lifestyle, tastes and your local environment.

We specify all the materials needed to construct your new garden, from paving and fencing screens to furniture, garden accessories and light fittings. All plans are made to scale to give you a realistic idea of what your new project will look like.

Landscape Design in Flint

Plants are often overlooked, but they reflect a homeowner’s personal tastes and the home’s landscape and flair. Our local landscapers ensure we help you choose plants that are best suited to the soil and size of your individual garden.

The garden plan shows the position of each plant in your new garden and specifies which spaces of your garden are left open to develop over the years to come. Want something more low-maintenance? We offer seasonal garden maintenance so tending to your garden can be easy and painless.

Garden Planer: Plants

What sets us apart from other local landscaping companies is our desire to make sure your garden gets exactly what it needs and more. We personally select the plants to be used in your garden from our network of local horticulturalists.

Our garden planners make sure your home’s soil is well tended to so that your plants have a nurturing home to stay fresh, healthy and thriving. We install all plantings for you and offer seasonal maintenance to make sure your plants are ready for any changes in climate.

Losey's Lawn & Landscape Inc.: Number One Source for Garden Design

We believe your garden shouldn’t be a separate space from your house – it’s an extension of your comfort zone and brings nature closer to home. You deserve an outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle and provides you and your family with relaxing enjoyment for years to come.

Our services encompass every aspect of what goes into creating a beautiful and custom-made garden for your home. If you want original and creative use of landscaping techniques, combined with industry experts that can add value to your home, call us today to fulfill all your garden planning needs.